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A few words about the food and….the symposium


We often use Greek words, without realizing their genuine meaning. For example, there is a very popular word in the Greek language, the symposium. In direct translation, that means (unbelievable, but true!) “to drink together”. In other words, “symposiats” (the participants of the symposium) are some kind of “drinking buddies”, in contrast to the modern meaning of the word symposium, which became to be a standard of seriousness within the framework of scientific conferences. However, as you know, usually on the forth or on the fifth day of every conference a banquet is usually stated in the program. Such an obligatorily un-formal event. So, as it happens so often in our life, things are coming back to theirs origin. Nevertheless, we cannot call “symposium” a regular booze.

I would like to refer here a few statistics from the Greek everyday life. In modern Greece you will find one of the highest percentage of alcohol consumption per capita within the European Union, even higher, than in several northern countries. But at the same time, there is one of the lowest percentage of alcoholics. Here people join each other around the table mostly for conversation and as a secondary – for having a meal. Eating here becomes one of usual events of a social life. Therefore, Greek cuisine is simple and rich of tastes and flavors. The simplicity and the sincerity are the keywords here. Conversation becomes boring when it looses the fun side, the meal becomes fetish, if the focus shuts from the “food for people” to the “people for food”, which can guide finally to the downshifting of the human personality. No wonder then, that here in Greece we have one of the lowest percentage of mental disorders worldwide. Particularly, because we know, how to eat tastefully. Tastefully not only physically, but also mentally.

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