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Sparta and the "Gate of Hell". One day tour from Athens (10 to 12 hours)

SPARTA AND THE GATES OF HELL, one dae tour from Athens 10 to 12 hours

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Of course, the sacred sentence “Sparta and the Gate of Hell” attracts an attention to this tour. However, Sparta is not a significant archeological sight. From the medieval city of Mistras we will observe the Laconic valley, where legendary Spartans oncelived. What about the Gates of Hell, that's an understatement. 

Don't you agree, the kid is a real Spartan?.






What about Mistras city, this is such a medieval Pompee, half destroyed ghost city, something between ruins and residential quarter. Walking through the narrow streets of Mistras, where the last Byzantine Emperor the Constantin Paleologue ruled once, we face amazingly well preserved orthodox temples with the frescoes of 13-14th centuries . This is indeed a unique place, at the feet of this rock one of the first great states of antiquity was born, Sparta. From this rock began his journey the last of Constantines, the emperor of the last ancient state – the Roman Empire, which we began to call as the Byzantine only since 17th century.

The Gate of Hell - Diru caves.

In the church Greek language the word “Hell” sounds the same, as ancient Greeks called the kingdom of Hades – the Addis.. The kingdom of Hades had many entrances and exits. Our Greek imagination is unlimited, so almost in every region of Greece you will indicate some cave, from which you can get into the kingdom of Hades. For an extra fee, you can also meet Hades himself.

There are plenty of caves around the world and in every one of them there are stalactites and stalagmites, as well as tour guides, who hardly try to remember, what’s the difference between them. However, the Dirou Caves, where our tour will finish, are extraordinary. These caves have been discovered in 20th century and they consist of several underground labyrinths, through which the water runs like a Stiks river in the underground kingdom of Hades.

The water comes into the caves directly from the sea through the underground channels, then comes waterlogged halls , where the special backlighting of stalactites (or stalagmites) creates sometimes a horrible feeling of another reality. The Dirou Caves are a show for those with strong nerves and it is guaranteed that you will remember this for the rest of your life.