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Delphi –the Hilum of the Earth. One day tour from Athens



Delphi –the Navel of the Earth.  One day tour from Athens

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Delphi is the largest religious centre of Ancient Greece, where on behalf of the God Apollo, the famous Pythia (Oracle) predicted the future. The heartbreaking beauty of the mountain gorge “intoxicates” the visitor not less, than these real drugs, which the priestess of Apollo took. See also the photo album & video at the end of page. Duplicating menu on the right (is not available on mobile version).

Detailed tour description. Departure usually at 8.00 a.m. Deplhi is located in a 180 kilometers distance from Athens, the trip takes about 2,5 hours including one care stop. On the way we will pass near the modern Thebes town, which is the capital of the Beotia prefecture . This city was a homeland of many Greek mythology stars, such as Dyonyssos, the God of wine (he knew, how to drink in a proper way, therefore he wasn’t an alcoholic), Cadmium (founder of the city), his wife Harmony (she had deeply philosophical origin, just think, that she was the daughter of Ares, the God of war, and Aphrodite, the Godess of Love !). And finally, the favorite child of a Zigmund Freud, the Oedipus Rex ( a very notorious personality).


Along the way we will cross the picturesque Parnassus mountain. According to the myth, Deucalion (such a Greek analogue of the Biblical Noah) created with a little help from Zeus the new generation of people.




The Arachova village, placed on the foot of mt. Parnassus (this toponym has a Slavic origin) became the most favorite recreation place for Athenians, especially during the winter.



The Delphi complex (excursion 2,5 to 3 hours)

Касальский ключ

We begin the excursion from the Castalian water source. As the legend says, the water of this mountain source has an anti-aging effect (proved on many of tourists).




Сокровищьница Афинян в Дельфах

The Holy road. We will go on the Via Sacra (the analogue of a modern exhibition center), where the ancient cities built theirs treasuries, showing in a such way to whole the Greece the wealth and greatness of each one separate city.

The construction of many of treasuries has been timed to a specific important event took place in an Ancient Greece. Therefore, I will mostly show the history of Greece, rather speak about it.


Пуп земди в ДельфахThe Navel of earth. For ancient Greeks, the center of the universe has been located in Delphi. Once Zeus decided to calculate, where the center of universe is located, and of course, this center of universe has been found in Greece and concretely, in Delphi. To tell the truth, you will find plenty of Navels of earth almost everywhere around the world. Nothing curious indeed, because every ancient or very big nation considered themselves as the center, the Navel of the world history. And we, Greeks, we are not an exception.



Храм Аполона в ДельфахThe Temple of Apollo. The place where Pythia (Oracle) predicted the future (seems she was the most famous drug addict in the ancient world) has been inscribed with philosophical sentences by ancient Greek sapients. The temple is perched up in the bosom of the rocks Fedriad, opening the panoramic view of a Pythean valley, amazes the visitor.



Театр в ДельфахTheater and the stadium, as well as other monuments will raise in front of your eyes. If you really estimate the history, then you absolutely must to see Delphi.





The archeological museum of Delphi

Because o quality of it’s exhibits this museum considers one of most important worldwide. Fortunately, here in Greece we don’t have such a mentality, like to move all the most essential artifacts to the central museum, away from the place of it’s excavation, like moving them to such an elite storage. In the ancient time the civilization has been dispersed and today in Greece the exposure of exhibits is carried out as much as possible close to the place of it’s origin .

Дельфийский возничий




In the Delphi museum you can see one of the best samples of Greek sculpture art – the statue of Charioteer of Delphi. This statue could decorate not only Athen’s, but any central museum in the world. But here this sample of all time beauty remains close at the Parnassos, just at home.  And of course, we will see in this museum many other interesting exhibits, such as









Dephi Sphinx, 6th century BC,











staue of Cleobulus and Weaton 6nd century BC.