Guided tours

Excursion to Cape Sounio

The Athens Riviera ( coastal side of Athens) and Cape Sounion

3 to 4 hours duration.

 This is an afternoon-evening tour through the beautiful neighbourhoods of Athens to the most beautiful sunset in Greece. Feel free to scroll though the photos at the end of the page.

This place is so beautiful, that you suddenly remember one of the myths, narrating about how Hellas has been created. Once upon a time the Titans fought with Zeus and his team for power over the world. Their weapon of choice were stones, which they threw at each other. As expected by the all mighty gods, many stones never reached their target and fell down into the sea – as a result, the islands of the aegean and ionian see were created (here we speak about round 1500 bloomers). During this mythic battle all the coastal side of Greece had been slashed, and so the divine landscape of Hellas appeared. Indeed, Greece is a relatively small country, but the length of it’s coastal line is almost 14.000 kilometres! (God bless the Titans!). Having such a landscape, it was in the nature of things for inhabitants of this land to create a rich mythology, history and culture.

The road from Athens to the cape Sounio passes through the coastal side, also knows as Attica Riviera

The journey completes on the most southern part of Attica, where you can enjoy the amazing sunset on the background of the ancient Temple of Poseidon, which was built in the 5th century BC. From here the mythical king Aegeus threw himself into the sea and gave his name ( besides his life ) to the Aegean sea . Truth to be said, in contrast to the king Aegeus, in my excursions the return transfer to Athens is included in the tour program.

Tour program - Total duration 3 to 4 hours. The length is 60 kilometers one way, included stops on observation decks for photo session and selfies. The tour ends by watching the sunset. This is the main reason, why this tour takes place in the afternoon.