Guided tours

Athens Sightseeing Without the Acropolis Museum

Half Day  Athens Sightseeing 

The tour duration is 3 to 4 hours in which you will visit and observe the gorgeous Acropolis of Athens (see below the detailed description). We are going to make a round trip of the city, with stops on different sights. We will see the Parliament House and the Memorial To the Unknown Soldier, and we will watch the guard change in front of the parliament.

Also we will see the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the White Marble, or Panathenaic, Stadium, which was built in the 2nd century AD and where, in 1896, where the first Olympic Games of the modern history were held, the National Library, the Academy, the first University and the Presidential Palace.                                             

Detailed tour description.

The Acropolis of Athens.

Indeed, the tour in Athens in general hasn't changed a lot in the last 2500 years. Just some buildings became older, and the tour guides are different. However, the insistent tourist’s interest doesn't allow to overgrow this historic trail to Acropolis. Like in the time of Pericles, today people still admire the Parthenon, Erechtheion and all, what we call The Acropolis of Athens. About ancient Athens, I could refer to the Lyssipos ( who as it seems had been a famous worker of a tourism branch at his time). So, making the presentation of the sightseeing tour of Athens & Acropolis, he expressed his passion to this city just in one sentence: “You're a chump if you have not seen Athens ! If you've seen it and not admired – you are a donkey! And if voluntarily left Athens - you are a camel! ".

The foot of Acropolis hill.


From here we observe the Areopagus rock (well known as the place of preaching of Apostle Paul) and the Pnika hill (the Parliament of ancient Athens),

as well as the Odeon Herodes Attica (the only one still active ancient theatre of the city ).

The Propylaea, what can be directly translated as the threshold, such a noble entrance into the Acropolis, kind of reception hall. Here was the Picture Gallery of ancient Athens and the famous Niki’s Temple (the Temple of Victory), which gets carefully reconstructing now.

On the upper part of the cliff there are located the most famous architectural monuments of ancient Athens. The Parthenon (one of the main  symbols of Greek civilization), amaze us not only because of it’s prodigious size and the degree of preservation, but also by the unique mathematical calculation. The lightness and the harmony combined in an unique way in this huge building remains the standard of beauty for already two and a half thousands years.

The Erechtheion Temple has been located on the place of the mythical dispute between Athena and Poseidon about possession of Attica. It is mostly known because of the Poch of Caryatids.

City tour.

The change of the Euzony Guard at the Memorial To the Unknown Soldier .

The Academy of Science represents the complex of neoclassical buildings of Athens.

The Temple of Olympian Zeus is one of largest temples of ancient Athens. Specifically well known as the most “long-term construction” of it’s time ( 800 year’s duration ).

The Panathenaic Stadium, also called as “White Marble Stadium”, on this ancient Stadium  the first Olympic Games of the modern history were held on 1896. .You will have an opportunity to walk around the stadium, as well as to run some “stage”.